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Handmade tassel charm & Non Piercing Ear Cuff

Handmade tassel charm & Non Piercing Ear Cuff


Lightweight Gold Charm and Bronze Set with Gold Chain Pendant and Dragonfly Charm

Enhance your accessory collection with our Lightweight Yellow Gold Charm Set with Gold Chain Pendant and Dragonfly Charm. This versatile charm set is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and personality to various tassels or chains. Whether you prefer bead chains, pearl chains, or animal charm chains, this set is designed to suit your style.


  • Charm Size: 2.5 inches long
  • Ear Cuff Dimensions: 2.3 x 0.91 inches (58 x 23 mm)
  • Ear Cuff Loop Diameter: 0.1 inches (2.5 mm)
  • Ear Cuff Material: High-quality alloy for durability and shine


Chain Material:

  • Iron-Clad Copper Chain: Crafted from iron-clad copper, this chain is reliable and safe to use. it is lightweight, offering long-lasting durability without easily breaking or deforming. 
  • Small Gold leaf cable chain - The gold plated hollowed leaf cable chain is composed of stainless steel.


Special Feature:

  • Dragonfly Charm with Butterfly Handmade Bead: This set includes a charming Dragonfly Charm paired with a handmade butterfly bead, adding a whimsical and unique touch to your accessories.


Additionally, this set includes Clip-on Ear Cuff Earrings featuring seven holes for adding your favorite jewelry pieces. Elevate your look with these stylish and functional earrings, designed to complement your unique charm collection. Perfect for those who want to stand out and make a statement.

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