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Introducing Kodesh Le' Olam

I was inspired by the beautiful culture of clothing and how it migrates in and out of time. However, Kodesh Le’Olam, (Hebrew for “Forever Set Apart) was born out of my spiritual awakening over five years ago. The idea that The Holy Scriptures teaches us how to dress in a respectful light made such an impression on me that I hand made my wedding dress with just a needle and thread (no sewing machine).

I felt so determined to work with my hands that I began researching many cultures, materials, prints, and everything I could think of that had to do with my rebirthing.

As a new designer and self-taught seamstress, I am purposed to create clothing that resonates more suitably with The Holy Scriptures. However, there's a line that's created to meet everyone in the middle and or show them how to bring out beauty in a modest light with a sweet taboo. My mission is to give back all that Yah has gifted to me. As a Hebrew

Israelite woman and daughter of Zion, it is my task to be a light unto everyone I meet and and whom presence I'm in. In our everyday lives during this pandemic, we're not extended the time to sit down and meet, shake hands, or get the opportunity to find out who those light bringers are.

Dressing Kodesh (Set Apart) allows for those lost moments and greetings to be redeemed via the refreshing glance of a tassel, tzit tzit or fringe/raw edge and blue ribbon at the trim/border of a garment (Numbers 15:37-40); or just the reassurance of the natural woman when she is dressed in virtue and modesty.

It saddens me to see the mind-set of some of the women in the world when it comes to their attire. However, we all can use some guidance. Yah has blessed me to be a helper to those who might not know they are in need. So the best sacrifice I can give to Yah regarding the imagination and representation of him is by behaving kodesh.

Kodesh is a verb. That means, there is an action that one must perform in order for the whole “outfit” to come together. Why not start with what we are showing our children, men, family members and the strangers we meet. Savonnah~

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